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23rd October 2017 
Indian Head Massage and Crystal healing . Massage two

Indian Head Massage and Crystal Healing

Crystal healing

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being.

Using Crystals for Crystal Healing

A Crystal healing treatment will do one or more of the following:

1. Clearing of negative and blocked energies.
2. Balancing by replacing negative energie with positive vibrations and building chakra energy.
3. Expanding awareness and spiritual development.

Crystals can be placed on specific points of the body to bring relief or can be moved over the body using, for example, a crystal wand, etheric weaver or placing crystals on the body that resonates with a physical condition.

Specific colour crystals can be used for chakra healing. These can be placed on the body.

The weaver is a beautiful tool made of quartz crystal.

with pyramid cut ends, and with magnets on either side of the crystal and all wrapped up in a copper or silver wire lovingly handcrafted by shambhala monks
(Buddha Maitreya etheric weaver)

And, in the words of Buddha Maitreya "Use of Etheric Weavers allows you to experience the phenomenon of healing that you think you need to go to others for.  Etheric Weavers align you to your own self, your soul . . . , and give spontaneous healing.  They decrystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind, body and emotions through healing and revitalising the etheric field and aligning the individual to the unified soul of love."


Etheric Therapy distance healing are a 30 miinute session consisting of Etheric Therapy (using the etheric weaver over your name) At the end of the session I will send an email to explain what I felt.

Magnet Disclaimer: The Etheric Weaver combines the healing properties of neodymium rare earth magnets which while of benefit to many, should not be used within 6 feet of a person fitted with a pacemaker or any other form of electrical implant or device for medical reason of any kind.
Therefore distance healing would be recommended.

Indian Head Massage

This method of Massage has the advantage of being able to be practiced virtually anywhere, as all that is required is for the client to be seated. The client's upper body is massaged with the optional use of oil. This Massage includes the balancing of chakras to improve energy pathways; penetrating both the aura and the physical body.


This treatment method is designed to assist the body's ability to balance, heal and maintain itself. I use aromatherapy oils which are aromatic essences extracted and distilled from flowers, trees, seeds, herbs, roots and fruit. Essential oils have a dual therapeutic action; the aroma travels through the nose to the emotional centre of the brain which controls moods, feelings and the unconscious mind, whilst the aromatic molecules enter the skin to reach the blood stream.