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23rd October 2017 
Hopi Ear Candling #01

Hopi Ear Candles

Ear candles have a purely physical function. A light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a gentle massage on the eardrum. This induces a pleasant warm feeling and a balance of pressure in the ears, sinuses and forehead. It is soothing and helpful for ear ache, ear noise, stress and nervousness. Treatment can also improve nasal breathing and enhance your sense of smell.

The candle is a hollow cylinder tube (it does not have a wick) and is placed in the ear having lit the other end. The candle contains numerous herbal and essential oils and tinctures; these include flax, honey, St Johns Wort, beeswax, sage and camomile.

Treatment may help with a whole range of conditions:

*Migraines and headaches
*Colds and Flu
*Noises in the ear
*Release blocked sinuses and built up pressure
*Reducing wax build up
*Increase blood flow to the treated area promoting healing

The treatment is relaxing and calming and it creates a balance feeling. It aids alertness, concentration and clearer thinking.

The first treatment will consist of a full consultation and will last about one hour. Both ears will be checked and evaluated before treatment, each candle takes about 10 - 12 minutes to burn. It is important that both ears are treated within the same consultation. A massage of the face will complete this relaxing treatment.

Treatment is not advised if grommets are in place, you have a known allergic reaction to the ingredients, oil has been placed in the ear in the last 24 hours or you suffer from inflammation or ear infection.