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Frequently Asked Questions

Please drink plenty of water after each appointment and give yourself some time to relax.

Q. Can I have Reflexology whilst pregnant?

A. There are a number of issues that need to be examined before an appointment can begin, so a full consultation will take place before your appointment commences. If no contraindications are present, then Reflexology is perfectly safe during pregnancy if conducted by a fully trained and experienced therapist.

Q. How often do I need to have a Reflexology session ?

A. This is very individual and will be discussed at the initial consultation, although initially I suggest having a course of weekly appointments tapering off to what is convenient for the client. Frequency depends on an individual's circumstances, though I find some appointments are better than none.

Q. Will Reflexology help with infertility?

A. I have found over the years that Reflexology has been amazing in helping with infertility and have had very good results.

Q. How will I feel after Reflexology ?

A. Most people feel a great sense of calm and wellbeing.

Q. I don't like my feet being touched. Will it tickle?

A. Reflexology is a firm touch on the feet and people do not find it ticklish.

Kind words

Absolutely amazing reflexology. A beautiful, calm atmosphere where you feel relaxed and ready to melt away your stress. I definitely feel the difference after every visit and have a monthly treatment. It has become a part of my self care practice. Can't recommended enough! VR

I just wanted to say thank you. Today for the first time in over a month I started to feel more like myself again, and as though I have begun to make peace with what I've been through. Thank you for helping me to get there. I'll be recommending you to anyone who listens! C

Morning Michelle, just thinking of you whilst reading a Christmas present. I support your philosophy on health and think you are a fabulous therapist. Wishing you a healthy 2020 & a wonderful nutritionaly supportive year X

Once a month I really looked forward to visiting Michelle. I first starting treatment from Michelle about a year ago to help with my acne and to relieve stress through exams.
However my exams are over now my acne has cleared up and I still make sure I book Michelle in once a month as it is such a relaxing experience it is now part of my lifestyle routine.

Hi Michelle, I've been meaning to text you for ages. So I wanted to let you know that xxxx arrived safely and is now a cheerful chirpy six month old. Thank you so much for all your help, he's a much loved member of our family. Have a lovely Christmas and a great 2018. Best wishes,

Michelle Smith – Reflexology

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and experiencing an irregular cycle, I was keen to try a holistic approach when trying to get pregnant. The situation was making me anxious and the added stress was only complicating things further.

Michelle was very reassuring and calm. She had worked with many women in my position and her positivity was a reassurance in itself. Her home is welcoming and relaxing and I soon looked forward to my weekly treatment. Michelle talked me through the benefits of reflexology and how her carefully detailed routine targeted the whole body but also had a focus on my own personal circumstances. I became less anxious and felt I was able to relax and deal with work stress more easily. I left each treatment feeling serene. Home exercises Michelle had taught me were also very useful. After 6 treatments, I became pregnant. I was thrilled and I am sure Michelle’s techniques played a huge part. Thank you Michelle. KA

Reflexology I could not do without - once a month keeps me well.
Barbara C.

After two years of trying to get pregnant, we had decided to try IVF. I went to Michele for some reflexology treatments to help me prepare for the grueling procedures we were about to undertake. After a few weekly sessions with Michele, and two weeks before we were about to start IVF, I found out I was pregnant. I am sure that the reflexology helped my body to relax and enabled it to conceive naturally. Michele was positive and supportive and I can’t thank her enough. Annonymous

I felt wonderfully relaxed after my treatment. Celia F.

"I often have regular Reflexology treatments and have found them extremely beneficial, especially during my final exams at University. Reflexology helped me to stay focused and calm during my studies, helping me to achieve a first class honours degree". Z

"I suffer with depression and anxiety and have found regular Reflexology treatment most beneficial to alleviate my symptoms and allow me to enjoy a more balanced and relaxed life". L

"I have had Reflexology treatments regularly over a period of six years and I found Michelle to be a caring and thoughtful therapist and have no hesitation in giving an excellent recommendation". I

"I started seeing Michelle for treatments after being given a gift voucher and continued to see her after that. She really helped me as I was feeling very low as I had had a miscarriage and wanted to become pregnant again. I did become pregnant again and continued to see Michelle for treatments throughout my pregnancy. I am sure that her treatments contributed to the fact that I became pregnant again as I always came away feeling really positive about everything. I would definitely recommend seeing her for treatments; she is very kind and caring and puts you at ease". C

"Whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer I was advised to try and have regular Reflexology. I started going to Michelle four years ago and she helped me face the gruelling treatment. Now I'm back to full health I see her monthly and feel that she brings balance and well being into my very hectic life. She is a warm, caring person and I would highly recommend her. I have received Reflexology from many different people but I would say that Michelle's treatments are the Rolls Royce of treatments! Worth every penny." J

"Michelle brings a huge variety of skills and understanding to her massage. It makes it a very personalised, holistic experience. I'd recommend her to everybody." A

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